Are your Offshore Agents “On Target” to Defend your Brand?

In today’s global market, ensuring that your call center representatives accurately represent your brand is essential. Whether your agents are based in the U.S. or offshore, your customers deserve consistent, high-quality service. However, utilizing offshore agents comes with its own set of challenges, potentially putting your brand at risk.

Understanding the Risk

Offshore agents may face difficulties in clear communication with your customers. The IT & Business Process Association of the Philippines, Inc. (IBPAP) aims to create 1.7 million jobs by the end of 2023, and similar projections are seen in India, Central and South America, and Mexico. As demand for English-speaking agents surges, screening mechanisms must be more reliable.

The Pitfalls of Traditional English Tests

While interviewing candidates by native speakers may seem ideal, it’s often not cost-effective. Traditional English tests, rooted in academic contexts, have their own shortcomings. They can be rehearsed, assess knowledge rather than practical application, and don’t simulate real-world scenarios.

Enter LanguaTest™: An AI-Powered Solution

LanguaTest™ revolutionizes the hiring process. Built from the ground up, it evaluates Language Power and Understandability—key aspects in effective communication. Language Power involves the ability to speak and be understood, as well as listen and understand. Its results provide actionable insights for your hiring decisions.

Customized for Your Business Needs

LanguaTest™ is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s tailored to your industry, business, and specific standards of Understandability. By adopting LanguaTest™, you empower yourself to hire representatives who can effectively defend your brand.

The Bottom Line: Quality Matters

In the eyes and ears of your customers, the quality of your product or service is non-negotiable. It’s the difference between retaining a loyal customer and losing them to the competition. With LanguaTest™, you’re investing in a proven solution that has safeguarded brands worldwide since 2013, providing hundreds of thousands of candidate evaluations.

Don’t Compromise on Quality – Choose LanguaTest™

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