2018 – LanguaTest™ is Born!

LanguaTest™ is Born!

Great to have returned from our trip through Alabama to train new and experienced users of the RevLearning Suite. Now that I’m back at headquarters I’m excited to continue to share the LanguaMetrics Journey.

In 2018 we began exploring the application of the Language Power concept to the Call Center industry. Many people are familiar with the experience of dialing in for customer support and the phone call winds up being routed somewhere “offshore”. Sometimes, the experience goes poorly because the offshore customer service agent does not have sufficient Language Power – the ability to speak and be understood and to listen and understand. At LanguaMetrics we quantify and measure Language Power in terms of Understandability.

The challenge for the offshore call center industry has been that traditional English tests do not measure Language Power. They tend to be derivatives of academic tests and are better suited to predicting academic success in a school or university setting. We saw an opportunity and applied our AI capabilities to address this challenge.

The result, we named “LanguaTest” and it is the first measure of Understandability for the offshore customer service industry. In approximately 30 minutes an agent can be assessed, and the results are available about 15 minutes later. How good does an agent have to be to pass the test? This is a standard that we work with our partners to define. This standard will vary depending on the nature of the conversations, the locations of the speakers and the listeners involved, as well as the role and industry of the agents. Therefore, we do not define a one size fits all standard. We work with our partners to help them define a standard that works for them. This process can be accomplished in about one week and can be updated as our partners gain experience and wish to fine-tune their assessments.

We are very proud to say that LanguaTest is being used in some of the most prestigious call centers and BPOs in the world and has certified hundreds of thousands of agents to date. You may be speaking to one of these agents on your next call…