State-of-the-Art Technology

We partnered with SRI International and created a platform to measure the spoken word for its ability to be understood.

What's the LanguaMagic?

Just take…

A dedicated team of scientists and engineers

The world’s most advanced Speech scoring elements from SRI International

And you have a unique ability to provide visual feedback on the nativeness of the spoken word.

Publishers, meet LanguaBooks™

With our unique service you can make your digital and print assets come to life.

Standing on the shoulders of Giants

The LanguaMetricsTM Platform is built upon technology licensed from SRI International and years of experience.

We’ve done the hard work for you, the launch of your next product awaits…

Limitless Possibilities

Launch your next product now, save time and money.

We’ve done the hard work already. Build upon our cutting-edge platforms. Accelerate your time to market and reduce technology costs dramatically.

Languabooks™ improves English speaking and reading

See it in Action!

In this series of videos you can see how products build on the Languabooks™ Framework can be created to help everyone from children to adults all over the world improve their English Speaking and Reading abilties