What does it Cost to Not Measure Understandability?

Let’s do some basic math,

  • One agent takes approximately 80 calls per day.
  • That is over 400 opportunities to turn customer calls into escalations per week!
  • Can your organization afford to lose 400 customers each week due to one poor English-speaking agent?
  • That equals 1,600 customers per month.
  • And we are just talking about ONE poor English-speaking agent?
  • How many more “P.E.S.A.’s” are on the phone representing your organization, potentially creating escalations and cancellations?
  • A LanguaTest™ will cost you just $10 to measure each candidate’s understandability, just like your customers’ measure on every call.
  • The math and solution are simple, LanguaTest™.
  • Measure your candidates’ Understandability before your customer do!
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