Why should schools adopt FluencyRev?


FluencyRev is a reading program that focuses on improving fluency, automaticity, and prosody, which are essential elements of good reading. Here are some reasons why schools should consider adopting FluencyRev:

  • Recognized importance of fluency: Fluency is now recognized as one of the most important elements of good reading. The National Reading Panel Report (NPR) highlighted three main strategies for improving fluency: teacher modeling, repeated reading, and monitoring of student progress. FluencyRev incorporates these strategies to help students improve their oral reading fluency.
  • Effective for struggling readers: A study on the effects of fluency-oriented instruction (FORI) found that it can improve the motivation for reading among struggling readers. FluencyRev’s focus on building fluency, automaticity, and prosody can be particularly beneficial for these students.
  • Integration of language comprehension and word recognition: FluencyRev weaves together the language comprehension and word recognition strands of the reading process, which is crucial for developing reading skills. By integrating these two aspects, FluencyRev helps students better understand the text they are reading.
  • Opportunity for repeated reading: Repeated reading, where a student reads the same passage several times, is a powerful strategy for improving fluency. FluencyRev allows students to have the passage read to them as many times as they desire and even control the speed of the playback, providing an opportunity for effective repeated reading.
  • Immediate feedback for teachers: FluencyRev allows teachers to follow each student’s progress while providing immediate feedback. The recording feature of the program enables teachers to listen to students reading, even if they are not physically present, which can be advantageous for both in-person and remote learning situations.

By adopting FluencyRev, schools can provide their students with a comprehensive and effective reading program that focuses on improving fluency, automaticity, and prosody, ultimately leading to better reading comprehension and overall reading skills.