LanguaTest™ is a division of LanguaMetrics, Inc.

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The LanguaTest™ Framework shortens your path to delivering assessments that answer the questions you need answers to. Our speech enhanced activity types speed the construction and assembly of tests that can measure speaking, reading and communication ability across all markets and all age groups. Be it Corporate HR Screening through K-20 Education and beyond, we can be your platform to assess communications and reading abilities.

The Essentials are in place...we can help you with the finishing touches.

Framework Features

  • Dozens of Assessment Item Types
  • Speech Enhanced Item Types
  • Precision Measurement of Speech
  • Acoustical Models for Children & Adults
  • Adaptive Item Pathing
  • Sentence, Word and Phoneme level scoring
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Save and Store Student Audio
  • Save and Store Student Video
  • And More…

Framework Products

Other Frameworks

LanguaBooks™ Framework

The LanguaBooks™ Framework is a collection of features that exist on top of the LanguaMetrics Platform in order to speed the development of Learning products for English Language Learners, Early and Struggling readers of all ages.