Our Decodables Deliver! They Listen, They Correct, They Encourage!

Yes, you read that right!  Our AI powered Decodableslisten to your students reading out loud and instantly provide them with the corrective feedback they need!

Our Decodables Library offers 87 beautifully illustrated, engaging character-driven stories that can be used as a stand-alone library or with our PhonicsRev™ library which is aligned to both UFLI Foundations and McGraw Hill’s Open Court scope and sequences!

Just a quick look at a few of our 87 Decodable books!

Our students love the charming characters in their adventures while receiving verbal and visual corrections and encouragement to improve their Decodable Reading skills on every page.

Would you like to go on a “Decodable Journey” with them?

Go to https://rev-learn.com/phonicsrev/implement/#decodables to get started!