Revolutionizing Call Center Success: LanguaTest™ is the Solution to Industry Pain Points


In the dynamic world of call centers, where effective communication is paramount, challenges in hiring, escalated calls, poor Net Promoter Scores (NPS), and declining quality results have become pervasive. The introduction of LanguaTest™ emerges as a transformative solution, promising to alleviate these pain points and redefine the landscape of call center operations.

Are you wasting valuable management time interviewing unqualified candidate?

Hiring Challenges:

The cost of hiring call center agents continues to escalate, exacerbated by lengthy recruiting processes and the pressing need for quality candidates. LanguaTest™ steps in as a game-changer, categorizing, and rating candidates’ Understandability, ensuring recruiters invest their time and resources in individuals equipped for the demands of the job.

By filtering out candidates with substandard Understandability, LanguaTest™ not only accelerates the hiring process but also minimizes the risk of bad hires, saving organizations precious time and money.

Are your poor English-speaking agents increasing call escalations and customer attrition?

Escalated Calls and Complaints:

Communication breakdowns between agents and customers lead to escalated calls and dissatisfied clients. LanguaTest™ recognizes Understandability as a two-way street and provides a solution by measuring candidates’ Understandability from day one. By preventing poor Understandability from entering the call center environment, LanguaTest™ reduces escalated calls, saving management time, and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Are your poor English speaking agents moving the NPS needle from green to red?

Poor Net Promoter Scores (NPS):

Customer loyalty is directly impacted by the Understandability of call center agents. Detractors, resulting from frustrated customers, can tarnish an organization’s reputation. LanguaTest™ intervenes by measuring candidates’ Understandability before they engage with customers, effectively mitigating the risk of poor NPS scores, low customer satisfaction, and customer loss.

Are the painful monthly client meetings focusing on poor KPIs and Quality avoidable?

Poor Quality Results:

Failed “One Call Resolution” and customer frustration are often rooted in inferior agent Understandability. LanguaTest™ acts as a preventive measure, ensuring that agents with poor Understandability are not hired for positions that demand effective communication. By filtering out candidates who may contribute to complaints and escalations, LanguaTest™ enhances call center quality, reduces attrition, and improves key performance indicators (KPIs).

LanguaTest™ is a solution to many of your pain points!

Overall Benefits of LanguaTest™:

The cost-effectiveness of LanguaTest™ becomes evident when compared to potential savings in hiring, customer satisfaction, and KPI improvement. By focusing on Understandability as a key criterion in the hiring process, call centers using LanguaTest™ stand to benefit from streamlined operations, reduced customer dissatisfaction, and enhanced overall performance. With Understandability, “One Call Resolution” is more than just a goal, it’s a reality!


In the ever-evolving call center landscape, LanguaTest™ emerges as a strategic ally, addressing the critical pain points that have plagued the industry. By prioritizing Understandability in the hiring process, this innovative solution not only streamlines operations but also safeguards an organization’s reputation and customer loyalty. As call centers seek to optimize their performance and adapt to the demands of a competitive market, LanguaTest™ proves to be an indispensable tool, driving success and setting new standards for excellence.

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