The LanguaTest™ cycle, measuring Understandability and making Smiles!

  • Human Resources and Hiring Managers are happy because LanguaTest™ has measured the Understandability of all candidates and only provided those qualified to be interviewed for English-speaking positions, thus reducing unproductive interviews, as well as hiring and onboarding time and costs.
  • Certified English-speaking agents represent the organizations and their brands, eliminating customer frustrations, escalations, and attrition, which improves cost per call and KPIs.
  • LanguaTest™’s results improve customer satisfaction, increase repeat business, and foster positive feedback on social media and in survey results.
  • Positive customer feedback, reduction in customer attrition, and higher Net Promoter and post-call survey scores are Key Performance Indicators that major clients are looking for when partnering with a successful BPO.
  • All of these successes will lead to additional business for the BPO with high-value clientele, thus improving their company growth and bottom line for years to come.
  • One test affects so many positive results for the BPO, the customer, and the client and in the end, everyone wins!
  • If you are ready to test the LanguaTest™ or want to learn more, go to