Measuring Understandability Worldwide!20231107125326

Measuring Understandability Worldwide!

LanguametricsNovember 7, 20230 comments
Learn more here: LanguaBlogs – Learn how Language Power and Understandability Great...
Why should schools adopt FluencyRev?20231031053729

Why should schools adopt FluencyRev?

LanguametricsOctober 31, 20230 comments
Answer FluencyRev is a reading program that focuses on improving fluency, automaticity, and prosody, which are essential elements of good reading. Her...
Partnership Announcement20231031053501

Partnership Announcement

LanguametricsOctober 31, 20230 comments
We are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership between LanguaMetrics, Inc. and MosaicVoice, a revolutionary leader in call center performance enh...
LanguaTest™ – Where Reliability Meets Validity!20231023032506

LanguaTest™ – Where Reliability Meets Validity!

LanguametricsOctober 23, 20230 comments
Understanding the Urgency: Reliability and Validity in Screening Mechanisms As the demand for proficient English-speaking agents skyrockets across the...
Are your Offshore Agents “On Target” to Defend your Brand?20231013044634

Are your Offshore Agents “On Target” to Defend your Brand?

LanguametricsOctober 13, 20230 comments
In today’s global market, ensuring that your call center representatives accurately represent your brand is essential. Whether your agents are b...
What does it Cost to Not Measure Understandability?20231010120119

What does it Cost to Not Measure Understandability?

LanguametricsOctober 10, 20230 comments
Let’s do some basic math, One agent takes approximately 80 calls per day. That is over 400 opportunities to turn customer calls into escalations...
Does this Sound Familiar?20231004021152

Does this Sound Familiar?

LanguametricsOctober 4, 20230 comments
When your customer says to your call center agent, “I DON’T UNDERSTAND YOU!“ That means, “Houston, we have a PROBLEM!“  Your solution, LanguaTest™ “Th...
PhonicsRev™ and UFLI20230927021709

PhonicsRev™ and UFLI

LanguametricsSeptember 27, 20230 comments
We are very excited to announce that users of the University of Florida Literacy Institute’s – Foundations lesson plans, can now supercharge the stude...
Attention all users of McGraw Hill’s SRA OpenCourt phonics curriculum!20230927021353

Attention all users of McGraw Hill’s SRA OpenCourt phonics curriculum!

LanguametricsSeptember 27, 20230 comments
Phoebe, our PhonicsRev™ mascot asked me to share the great news… With the release of our OpenCourt – PhonicsRev™ alignment, you can now supplement all...
Can you clone a teacher? Our AI is on it…20230927021146

Can you clone a teacher? Our AI is on it…

LanguametricsSeptember 27, 20230 comments
Meet Yvette Dingwal, a second grade teacher at Mabry Elementary School. Hillsborough County, Florida...